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Welcome to the Kinetis game page.

Game is set in a racing game surrounded by AIs that try to kill you, so your mission is to survive the waves, after every 1,5min a new round begins with more AI hp making them harder to kill but this is where the shop comes in handy (Pause -> Shop).

From there you can upgrade some basic upgrades that will help you trough the levels.

Watch out for your energy level, as the mustang uses a lot of fuel and after every 30sec you loose 1 energy, at 0 its game over or when your HP level is 0.

Randomly spawned pickups over the map.

Controls for keyboard (loading image shows controls for XBox controller):

  • Mouse to rotate turret, access it with mouse wheel up/down,
  • Left mouse to shoot,
  • W A S D to move around,
  • Space is for handbrake
  • ESC is for pause

Music has been remixed for us by JVPIX: https://soundcloud.com/sandi-japic/tracks 


Kinetis.rar 277 MB

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Game is nice. I noticed some random bugs when you drive and stop with the car....it will launch you in the air, car will spin and you never get down to the map. Soundtrack is nice. Overall its a good game just needs to be a little bit polished. :D